Why A Classical Homeschool Curriculum Is Right for Your Child!

When thinking of our classical homeschool, I think of G.k. Chesterton. He said “Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another.”

What ‘soul’ are we passing onto our children? How can a classical education positively influence your homeschool or classroom? Keep reading and see how a classical education teaches the whole child, and helps keep western civilization alive…and civil!

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What is A Classical Education?

Here we have a time honored educational approach. Proven to cultivate virtue, encourage wisdom, and instill an appreciation for order, it teaches the whole child. Teaching classically upholds western values. In addition, classical education is to love your students, as they are seen as children of God. The classical educator is intentional in their methods, and forms a relationship with each student. Thus creating a truly personalized educational experience, while teaching universal truths.

A Classical Education focuses on the 7 (the number of completion!) liberal arts and theology. These 7 liberal arts consist of the trivium and the quadrium. Firstly, teaching within the natural order allows the student to build upon knowledge and truly own the material. For instance, a child in grammar will enjoy echoing, rereading stories, and singing songs. We set students up for success by working with them in their given stage, not against them! Then, with the foundation of a classical education students can achieve true learning, the mastery over the material.

The Trivium – 3 Humanity Arts

The trivium is composed of the three (like the Holy Trinity!) stages of learning. These can be broken down into age groups.

The Trivium

The first stage is grammar, where students gain knowledge. Memorization and a focus on reading and writing is key! Use of songs, chants, rhymes, repetition, and learning facts give the student a great pool of knowledge to draw from later. This group is usually around kindergarten to 4th grade or 5-9.

Secondly, the trivium focuses on logic, where students begin to understand what they learn on a deeper level. Logic is the use of correct reasoning. The students can debate, argue, and discuss their points in a civil manner using facts and reasoning. This group is usually around 5th to 8th grade or 9-14.

Finally, the third stage in the Trivium is the rhetoric stage. Consisting of grades 9-12, students around 14-18 years old, gain wisdom, express understanding, can imitate the good, decipher what is bad, give public speeches, and provide intelligent questions.

Together these three stages create The Trivium, and bring a student to the mastery level of learning.

Likewise, it is through classical education that we help our children to recognize and defend truth, gain confidence in who they are as children of God, and change the world for the better!

The mastery level of the Trivium is essential in raising a child who will be able to make informed decisions as young adults. In order to guard their hearts and minds, and help build the Kingdom of God, a foundation of truth is essential. Furthermore, with proper knowledge, understanding, and wisdom, the child becomes an adult ready to embrace the corporal and spiritual works of mercy with their creative talents and treasure, and to bring Christ to the world.

A Classical Curriculum Presents the Opposite of Modern Education

Classical Education acknowledges and embraces a Biblical worldview. God is our creator, and human rights come from God alone. The parent is the teacher, the child does not lead. Authoritative roles are important! Visuals are secondary in a classical classroom, language is the focus. Self discipline is essential for success in a classical education. The student must put in effort, to the best of their ability, to see success. You can read more on this here.

Classical White Board

Our Classical Homeschool Curriculum Choices

Transitioning to a classical homeschool curriculum can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! We cannot give what we do not have. Without a history in Classical Education, to teach in such a way seems out of reach. However, you can think of this as the education you never received! There are a ton of great classical home school curriculum options to help you through that you can browse here. Here are our 2 of our current favorites that I highly recommend!

  • Song School Latin: This program is really well done. It is engaging, simple, and clear. Above all it is classical! The DVD is fun and follows an animate monkey as he learns his Latin. Stay tuned for a review of this awesome curriculum!
  • Memoria Press: Memoria Press is a Christian Classical Curriculum. Although we would prefer the Catholic Identity to be woven in, we can supplement seamlessly.
  • We supplement with books on the saints, liturgical living, the Baltimore Catechism, and The Catholic Children’s Treasure Box series.
  • R.C. History is another great supplement!
  • Making Music Praying Twice is our music program for Liturgical Living!

Look for Classical Homeschool Co-Ops and Hybrids!

Since community is especially important for the classical homeschool, search for one! We met with the heads of our classical co-ops when searching. We found one by asking local parishes!

Search for a classical co-op or hybrid in your area. This brings support, information, and brings your schooling to life! Catholic School House, Classical Conversations, and Regina Caeli Academy are just some options to consider!

Classical Curriculum in Rocking Chair with Text

With this in mind, if you have not been using a classical homeschool curriculum, it is never to late to start! Do you use a Classical Curriculum? Will you be choosing one for the next year? Let us know in the comments below!

I hope this post brings you joy.

Stella Maris, Ora Pro Nobis

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