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3 Great Uses for Window Paint Markers with Toddlers

Use window paint markers with your toddler to add to your learning or play time!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. This means I make a small profit from sales made through these links. All opinions are my own.

When I first saw these window paint markers I was super excited! I thought our toddler Rose would love them, and they were made in the USA. I am always looking for new simple things to do when we are not doing Learning Time, playing outside, or out and about. These window paint markers seemed like a great way to switch things up! Before they arrived I began having second thoughts that they would be messy or stain the window. When they came we put those fears aside, pulled Rose’s toddler tower up to the window and she had a blast!

I drew some small pumpkins for Fall theme on the windows around the home. Rose was so excited to see them there and to add to our fall décor. Holding the child’s hand while you draw some fun simple seasonal items can help them feel even more involved in the decorating! As I am not a professional window painter, we chose to keep it stencil style. If you are not comfortable drawing your on your own stencils would be great for this! Of course you can always use your window to trace too!

Use 1: Decorate Your Window for the Seasons

We used them for free drawing. I gave Rose 3 (almost 3 at the time) colors at a time in the to start. It was different and fun! We went over how paint is usually only for paper but these are special markers for the window only. As the window filled up we wiped it clean and dried it, starting again.

Use 2: Toddler Free Draw/Paint

Instead of playing on paper we played games tic tac toe on the window! This was another way to change up something and make it fun again. Other game ideas:

Use 3: Play Games with the Markers

  • Name that letter where you draw the letter and the child says its name and sound
  • Draw letter in one color, have child trace in another
  • Draw number in one color, have child trace in another
  • Have child draw dots to match number shown
  • Hangman if child developmentally ready
  • Draw shape in one color, have child trace in another
  • Draw number, color, or shape, have child mirror draw same one if developmentally ready

Now after all this playing, I must be honest there was some mess if you use a lot of water to clean them, and if you let it sit on the window it is hard to get off. However we will continue to use them to enhance our play and learning time. A large glass picture frame with the stock image turned backwards so you have a white background also works if you do not want to use the window. I also used them one Christmas on my car to draw a Nativity Scene!

Jesus, help us to trust in You in child rearing, motherhood, and all the trials of life. Help us to submit to Your Will. Thank you for the gift of our children and for the task of educating them.

Do you have any other fun ideas on how to use window markers with a toddler? Let us know in the comments below!

Thank you, and I hope this post brings joy!

Stella Maris, Ora Pro Nobis!

Hello, I'm Jenny!

Hello, I'm Jenny!

I am so happy you are here! Join us as we celebrate Traditional Catholiscism, home making and educating, and wife and motherhood.

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  1. Ooh!! My son loves dry erase markers, so I know he would be into these too. Great ideas!

    • Thanks Sarah!

  2. Oh how fun! My three year old is going to love these window markers! Thanks for sharing!

    • Our 3 year old totally loves them!! Thanks for visiting!

  3. These look really fun for kids. Love this idea. Thanks for sharing.

    • They are so fun and can even be a great little activity to set up while you cook next to them or fold laundry ect. As long as you don’t mind cleaning the window later haha! Thanks for stopping by!


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