Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with St. Patrick’s fire! This enjoyable book and easy craft is sure to add to you domestic church!

St. Patrick and the Fire Pin Craft up with foam wood

A Little History on St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is a Catholic feast day! Do not let the celebrations of the world fool you! We love St. Patrick! In fact he is my husbands confirmation saint!

St. Patrick was a Bishop who told the pagan people of Ireland to about The One True God, so that they may be saved. The druids and many others tried to stop him from spreading the best news ever, that Jesus is Lord, and He loves you! Tradition tells us that he drove the snakes out of Ireland, and that he used the shamrock to help people understand the Blessed Trinity!

On March 17th in the year 461, St. Patrick entered into eternal life, and was wrapped in burial clothes made by St. Brigid! Never formally canonized, his feast day was added to the calendar in the 1600’s. We celebrate St. Patrick’s Day to honor this holy man of God who used his time, talent, and treasure to save souls. Now that is something to celebrate!

Patrick and the Fire

This book is packed with adventure, beauty, and goodness! It tells the story of St. Patrick with all its action as Bevan and Patrick light a fire on a pagan festival, challenging the king, and putting their trust in the King of the Universe! Patrick’s faith keeps the fires light burning, and he goes on to use a shamrock to teach the people about God. We read this book every St. Patrick’s Day and say the prayer together as a family.

St. Patrick and the Fire Book

St, Patrick’s Fire Craft!

When planning a craft I knew I wanted to focus on St. Patrick’s fire this St. Patrick’s Day. That meant I would be utilizing an LED candle! Completely inspired by this creative blog post as well as this one, we created a simple and easy DIY fire to honor St. Patrick. This little fire is perfect for your home altar the week of St. Patrick’s Day, or all of March!

St. Patrick and the Fire Craft Home Altar


In our adapted version of these fires we used,

  • clear plastic cup
  • LED tea light candle
  • craft foam in 2 shades of brown
  • scissors
  • gold glitter
  • red and yellow acrylic paint
  • paint brush
  • craft glue
St. Patrick and the Fire Craft Dark with Text

First take your craft foam and cut three strips about 1 inch wide. We decided on 2 strips dark brown, 1 strip light brown. This will be the wood under the fire.

St. Patrick and the Fire Scissors

Next use your scissors to round the edges.

Using craft glue, glue the dark brown and light brown wood into the shape of an x.

Then glue the last strip on top of them so that they share a center point, but do not overlap anywhere else.

St. Patrick and the Fire Foam Wood Pile Glued

Grab your red and yellow paint. Mix a little from each together to make orange.

Turn the cup upside down and paint fire on the sides. It should vary with all three colors, be slightly translucent, and get thinner as it rises.

St. Patrick and the Fire paint

While the paint is still wet sprinkle the gold glitter on it.

Place your tea light in the center of the wood and place the cup over it.

St. Patrick and the Fire Craft Complete

St. Patrick’s fire! Have fun playing with your children pretending to put out the fire, but faith keeps it alive and roaring!

St. Patrick and the Fire Craft Dark

St. Patrick pray for us, that our faith may increase even in a society that wishes to extinguish it!

We will leave our fire on our home altar. Where will you leave yours? Let us know in the comments below!

Ave Maris Stella, Ora Pro Nobis

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