St. Andrew Christmas Novena Tree Coloring Sheet

The St. Andrew Christmas Novena is a beautiful tradition to practice in your Domestic Church this Advent! Be sure to check out the poster print of this Novena Prayer over at the market

Who is St. Andrew?

Andrew the Apostle was Simon Peter’s brother, and the son of Jonah. He is an Apostle of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and left his life as a fisherman to follow the Living God! Andrew is present throughout the life of Christ throughout the New testament and after Christ’s Death he remains faithful to the Truth.

St. Andrew ultimately dies the death of a martyr for the faith. He was killed by crucifixion on November 30th around 60 years after the death of Our Lord. He spent his life serving the Lord carrying the Good News to those around the Black Sea.

Tradition holds that St. Andrew was the first disciple called by Our Lord. Being the first called, the start of something new, it is fitting that his feast day is at the beginning of Advent! The new Liturgical year, where like Andrew the gentle voice of the Lord calls us to be fishers of men.

What is the St. Andrew Christmas Novena?

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This traditional Christmas Novena starts on St. Andrew’s Feast Day, November 30th, and goes until Christmas Eve! It is said 15 times a day, because persistence in prayer matters! Difficult, but powerful, the Christmas Novena is a wonderful way to observe Advent as the penitential season it is.

How to Use This Coloring Sheet

The coloring page has 15 elements to it. The background, the star, and each line of the prayer on the tree and trunk. You can color one element of the coloring sheet each day every time you say the prayer until by the end of the day you have the whole sheet colored.

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Advent Traditions and Prayer

Our family will be praying the St. Andrew Novena this Advent, and we are so excited to help prepare our hearts to receive the Lord this Christmas. Will your family be doing this Advent? Let us know in the comments below! You can access all of our Mary Coloring Sheets for free in our Subscriber Resource Library.

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