Roe V Wayde is Overturned, Free Pro Life Coloring Sheets!

Praise God, on the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Nativity of John the Baptist, Roe V Wayde has been overturned! As many have pointed out this is but a crack of light in the dark hard stone that is the USA in terms of respecting human life and rights. However, God only needs a crack to turn a heart of stone into a heart of wax! Here are a few pro life coloring sheets to celebrate!

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What is Roe V Wayde?

Roe V. Wayde is a United States Supreme Court Case from 1973. Normal McCorvey, or “Jane Roe” was used to create a narrative that led to the death of over 60 million American babies. You can read all about Roe Vs. Wayde, Planned Parenthood Vs. Casey, and Dobbs Vs. Jackson over at Susan B Anthony List. If you haven’t watched the Roe V. Wayde movie, watch it!

We Are the Pro Life Generation

It is time for the law to match the truth! Life begins at conception. A person is a person, no matter how small right?! The pro-life movement loves EVERY human being from conception to natural death. We love every single person because every person is created by God, with a purpose. Every human being is made in the image and likeness of God. Belonging to God, we are His, and we are called to love one another as Christ loved us.

The culture of death tells women that they can’t. Women are told they can’t raise a baby, they can’t finish school, they can’t succeed or be happy unless they become like a man. Unless a girl can give into sexual desire while covering up wherever possible the truth, that the body of a women is designed to bring forth life, the pro-abortion group says women can’t. If we use a paintbrush as a hammer, it will end up destroyed and the job will never be fulfilled. In the same way, when we work against the Natural Order, we end up with broken hearts, and a broken world.

Authentic Compassion

The pro-abortion movement is not pro-choice, they only support one choice! The choice that ends the life of an innocent baby loved by God, destroys a family, and robs a women of motherhood. Abortion activists have lost the true meaning of love. To love is to endure and suffer with. Motherhood is hard, but WE CAN DO HARD THINGS. The all knowing, all powerful, all present God, who created everything we enjoy from nothing, gave you that baby. He knit that sweet child in the depths of your womb. You do not need to have it all figured out. Love makes it possible. We are called to love and trust!

Marches for Life, 40 Days for Life, Prayer Vigils, corporal works of mercy, and countless efforts to protect mother and baby, we are the pro-life generation! We love mother and baby, and we fully support the right to privacy from the government. We don’t believe the intentional killing of another innocent human being is every okay.

Pro-Life Pro-Mom Pro-Baby Themed Coloring Sheets!

Catholic Connections!

God is so good, if you check out the Traditional Catholic Calendar there are some awesome points to notice with this newest supreme court ruling! A friend pointed this out, wow!

March 25th: Russia was consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary on the Feast of the Annunciation. This feast is when the news about John the Baptist and the Lord Jesus Christ’s coming were announced.

June 24th: The Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the The Nativity of St. John the Baptist. This is the day the Supreme Court overturned Roe V Wayde. John the Baptist was the first to recognize the unborn Jesus in His mother’s womb, showing His Personhood. What a powerful day for life!

Life Saving Resources

If you are pregnant and need help please check here.

Abortion providers are leaving! If you were an abortion provider and would like to leave and start new check here!

If you had an abortion please know you are loved, your baby is loved, and check here.

I hope you enjoy these coloring sheets and praise God that there is no constitutional right to murder an innocent life! How do you foster a love for life in your Domestic Church?

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Stella Maris, Ora Pro Nobis

St. Peter and St. Paul, Ora Pro Nobis

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Hello, I'm Jenny!

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