abc preschool montessori sensory letter pin

This ABC preschool activity is so simple, perfect for every season, and stick’s around for children to refer back to. Inspired by Montessori Sandpaper Letters, you can create it again and again, or color code it to keep for when they are ready to learn vowels and consonants.

abc preschool montessori sensory letter pin

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What are Montessori Sand Paper Letters?

Montessori Sand Paper Letters are a sensory learning manipulative that allows children to feel the shape of each letter. This is useful as a pre-writing exercise to help form muscle memory, and engage the early learner in letters!

I love that Montessori Sand Paper Letters use natural materials. I think sand and wood are the perfect choice for this project. You can easily adjust this craft to use glue and sand or cut out sand paper to create you ABC Preschool letters. However for today, we used glitter glue and a handwriting sheet on paper.

Why Create ABC Preschool Sensory Letters?

I noticed as my preschooler learned to write her letters she would forget the way to begin each letter, or the shapes of the curves, ect. Inspired by the concept of a multiplication chart, we decided to make an ABC Preschool Sensory Handwriting Chart. I wanted her to have all the letters in one place to refer back to as she was writing.

My preschooler does not like when I take the pencil in her hand to show her how to fix her letters! We are working on the joy in being corrected! However, if I take her finger to trace one of our sensory letters in the proper form, she will try again to write it properly, no problem! We leave it on our desk while writing and I help her trace each letter in the correct form. She can also pull it out whenever she would like to review!

How to Create an ABC Preschool Handwriting Chart with Sensory Letters:

Frist, print out my free alphabet handwriting templates or trace them from the computer.

Next grab your materials!

  • glitter glue, red and blue for vowel consonants, or any colors just for fun!
  • printed or traced handwriting sheet

My printer wasn’t hooked up so I just traced them out onto paper using my how to trace anything method.

abc preschool

Then we we grabbed our red glitter glue and I helped my daughter trace all the vowels in red.

abc preschool

Then we took blue and added the consonants .

abc preschool

We let it dry, and put it to use!

These are that easy! Guide your child’s fingers over the letter of choice in the proper direction several times and then have them trace the letter on the matching Alphabet Sheet from the printable pack.

How will you use these ABC Preschool Letters? Let us know in the comments below!

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