Printable Beginner Ballet Review Dice Game

Available free for the first 24 hours, help your little ballerina practice some simple feet positions with this beginner ballet dice review game!

Ballet Dice Feet Positions pin

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Ballet for Classical Little Girls

Having our little girl start learning some ballet basics at an early age has been amazing! We choose our sessions very careful, knowing that we only wanted classical dress, music, and movement. We ultimately ended up going with an incredibly talented private instructor who fully understands the ballet experience we would like our children to enjoy.

Why Classical Ballet?

When learning classical ballet the girls learn discipline, and have fun. They are part of a group, dressed in uniform, where each member must do their part for a smooth class or performance. French terms build their vocabulary and introduce them to a foreign language, and classical music fills their minds with beauty and goodness! As St Augustine says, “Learn to dance so when you get to Heaven the angels know what to do with you! We have a matching St. Augustine Ballet Feet Positions Print for sale over in the market.

Learn to Dance Pre Ballet Wall Poster on hanging

A Beginner Ballet Review Game!

We meet one a week for about 45 minuets per class. Our class is amazing, and the girls love it so much, I wanted to bring a little ballet home to inspire the girls to practice in an informal way. I started these dice with all the different positions the girls learned first but then switched my strategy! I created the first dice set of just feet positions, which you can get here! We have had such fun putting it together, and practicing our feet positions!

Roll the dice, and copy the feet positions shown! Girls may take turns and if they can’t read they can try and recall from memory the proper name of the position they rolled.

How to Fold the Dice!


  • Laminator – totally optional but makes for a more sturdy dice. If you laminate, cut it out first, then laminate and fold. Use a hot glue gun for best results on laminated paper.

First purchase and print the dice template.

Ballet Dice Feet cut

Then cut it out!

Ballet Dice Feet cut

Next, flip it over and fold the sides up.

Ballet Dice Feet Fold

Then fold the tabs.

Ballet Dice Feet Fold Tabs

It should look like this.

Ballet Dice Feet cut and folded

Grab your glue stick or tape, and add it to each tab.

Ballet Dice Feet cut glue

Fold the dice up by connecting the tabs to the sides!

Ballet Dice Feet Game Completed

Your little girl can roll the dice over and over to jump into these classical ballet positions for review and fun!

How will you use this dice with your little ballerina? Let us know in the comments below!

Stella Maris, Ora Pro Nobis!

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