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Positive Natural Home Birth

Baby Joy was delivered in our home, safe and natural, into the hands of her father!

Please always make decisions with your doctor or midwife for what is safest for you and your baby. All births are beautiful and children are a gift from God. A safe mother and baby are the most important outcome regardless of where it happens and the interventions needed. I hope you enjoy the story of our positive natural home birth!

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In the year of St. Joseph, while having a home visit with a miraculous image of the Holy Face of Jesus, through the intercession of St. Anne, St. Gerard, and Infant of Prague, Baby Joy was delivered safely, at home, in about 30 minuets, by her father. Thank you Jesus!

Baby Joy with the image of Our Lord. You can learn more about devotion to His Holy Face here.

The Backstory.

For about 2 months before Joy was born I was having what they believe was prodromal labor. Prodromal labor is still confusing to me, but it is somewhere in between Braxton Hicks and the real deal. Progressions appear to happen slowly over a longer period of time. Occasionally during that last month or two small pieces of mucus plug were lost. My midwife never checked dilation, which I appreciate, and so we will never know fully what happened, but this is the theory! We had a hospital bag packed, emergency numbers posted by the phone, and this beautiful, organic, made is USA, Moses basket ready to go for our new baby!

Joy was not born until 41 weeks, and so the 2 weeks before her birth I was doing a gentle version of the miles circuit, and walking constantly. I even saw a Webster Certified chiropractor to help align my pelvic bones the Thursday before she was born. In fact, I had my second appointment the night of her home birth, but we wouldn’t be attending!

Delivery Day: Positive Natural Home Birth Here We Come!

It was a Monday, and at 41 weeks pregnant, I was waiting on baby! My husband was at work, and I was home with Rose. Everyone was waiting for this baby to come early because my first came at 38 weeks. You can read her positive natural hospital birth story here. If you have ever gone past your due date you probably know most people are not used to seeing a pregnant mother so close to her delivery time!

Rose, who was 2 at the time, was active as ever. We spent the chilly morning in the yard playing. At around noon, we went inside for lunch. While we were eating together I got my first contraction of the day. It was 39 seconds long, nothing of interest, when suddenly my sweet Rose goes to get out of her chair and trips. I scooped her up and sang to her, rubbing her boo boo like we always do. Together we agree we should get some ice.

The next contraction came 20 minutes later and they did not stop coming. I contacted my doula and midwife and let them know, but with no consistent timing and no pain. Between noon and 6:00pm they never fully evened out. The would come 1, 5, 10 minuets apart. I would have two close together, and the next one wouldn’t come for ten minuets. They told me to keep them posted, unless I wanted them to come now. I did not want them to come for a false alarm (I did that two days earlier!) and so I waited for my husband to get home at 4:30pm, took a shower, and kept watch!

Never Miss a Post!

The Hour Before the Home Birth!

At this point it is 5:30pm and I decided to cancel that chiropractor appointment…just incase. Now, we were torn between a hospital birth and home birth the whole pregnancy. I was leaning toward a home water birth but told the midwife at the smallest sign of something being off we would head to the hospital. She explained to me there are “yellow lights” before a big “red light” in home birth that can hint at a problem coming. Our midwife has hospital rights as well, so I was able to make this decision as we went.

5:46pm. My husband made dinner, and I told him “I will be right back I have to go to the bathroom.” That feeling so many moms told me about! I soon realized I did not have to go to the bathroom at all. I sat down and my water broke! In all honesty, I thought my bladder had exploded. The doctor broke my water during my first birth, and so I had no idea what it felt like! I immediately called the midwife. They told me my water broke, we are having a baby, and they are on the way! She asked my husband to blow and fill the birthing tub.

The Intended Birth Space.

Since I was leaning towards a home water birth, we had set up a room in our house as a birth space. Our garage is converted into a playroom, but was the only space we could work with in our smaller home. It is private, and has a separate entrance. We added nicer lighting with a low light lamp, and made the space neat and calm. I also had a birth playlist, to help me through labor and delivery, of my favorite songs. These things would not be utilized!

Welcome Baby! The Positive Natural Home Birth!

Next came blood, which terrified me. I felt nauseous, but still no intense pain. Lots of very low pressure! I started to try and pray the Sorrowful Mysteries while asking the midwife how to slow this down! She remained on speaker phone, but there was no way to slow it down!

It was 6:00pm, the tub was not filled, my two year old was with my husband, no midwife yet, and the baby was coming. I was in transition, another experience I never really felt in my first birth. My mother walked through the door just in time (thank you St. Anne!) to take Rose upstairs, so my husband could deliver the baby. I walked the few feet from the bathroom to the bedroom, and the midwife coached my husband how to catch the baby and what to look for over the phone.

After 1 or 2 slight pushes baby Joy transitioned form womb to world, from her mommies belly, to her daddies arms. My husband announced it is a girl, to me! She cried, was pink, and perfect. I held her skin to skin and the three of us waited for the placenta, which the midwife told us how to deliver. Right after the placenta was delivered the midwife and doula walked through our front door.

Our wonderful midwife did her stitch work on me, assessed mother and child, checked the placenta and congratulated dad. My doula was extremely helpful and supportive through the entire recovery period!

Blessings, Grace, and Mercy!

I had so much fear about this labor. My planned water birth or hospital birth did not work out. The last thing I would have planned was an unassisted home birth! So many unknowns! In the end I had no control, and it was an amazing gift. God is so good and I am so undeserving of His mercy, and so thankful for it. He is always in control, and we need not be afraid. The midwife later told my husband it was a complicated delivery because Joys hand and head came out together!

Jesus, help us to trust in You in pregnancy, motherhood, and all the trials of life. Help us to submit to Your Will. Thank you for a safe natural home birth.

How do you feel the presence of the Lord in your pregnancy and birth stories? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you, and I hope this post brings brings joy!
Stella Maris, Ora Pro Nobis!

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Hello, I'm Jenny!

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