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Toddler Pointillism Painting

Introduce your toddler to pointillism in a fun and relaxed way.

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Rose absolutely loves making art, and this toddler pointillism painting was no exception! She especially loves painting, something many toddlers love! This time together is so special because we find it can be structured or unstructured, allowing different parts of her focus and creativity to come through. I cherish our art time together so much, and I see how fast these toddler years go! I love art and crafting and together we created a pointillism painting that was perfect for toddlers. Incorporating fine art vocabulary and techniques in a relaxed way. To share this with our child is such a gift!

What is Pointillism?

I remembered a project I did with elementary school students where we used markers to make dots to teach pointillism. Pointillism is a style of art where tiny dots are used of varying colors to create an image. When you see the image from a distance the dots blur together. We play with dot markers a lot in our home, and are perfect for pointillism. Since Rose is older and likes small details now I thought we could take it to the next level! A mini introduction to pointillism that is fun and simple. To keep it engaging Rose used her current favorite medium, water color paints. Please adjust what we did to meet your child’s needs!

Let’s paint!

For Rose, I began with a line drawing of two penguins I traced off the computer. You can learn more about how to trace anything here. Once we picked our medium, we gathered our supplies.


  • Child safe watercolor paint
  • Cup of water
  • Q-tips
  • Line drawing on paper

I explained that we were going to try a new style of painting today called Pointillism. It can be helpful to have your child repeat the word. Together we explored how we could use the q-tips instead of the brush to make dots to fill in the picture. “Do you think you can fill in this picture only making dots?” I asked. She eagerly said yes! I held her hand and we made some dots together.

Then she was off! We spent the rest of the time talking, making color choices, and filling in the picture.

When our penguins were complete, she asked if she could paint them, so we did! From here we moved on to plain paper and kept the painting and pointillism going.

Does your toddler love to paint? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you, and I hope this post brings joy!

Stella Maris, Ora Pro Nobis!

Hello, I'm Jenny!

Hello, I'm Jenny!

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