10 Outdoor Winter Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers!

Take your children outside even in the winter with these 10 winter outdoor activities for toddlers and preschoolers!

Getting outside with my children is always a good choice. If the floor is a mess, the dishes fill the sink, or the laundry is piled up on the couch, I have a desire to stay in and fix these messes! The best advice from our pediatrician, “Get out! Leave the mess and go outside!” So bundle up because we have 10 Outdoor Winter Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers!

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Why is Outdoor Play Important?

  • Being outside is a mood booster! Fresh air and sunshine do the body and soul good. It really is that simple!
  • Exercise! Our home is small. We can only do so much indoors and children have a lot of energy. They need positive outlets to help get their heart rates up and tempers down! Running around the yard, playing princess and knights with sticks, and splashing in puddles engage the child in ways that being inside cannot do.
  • Exploration and Appreciation! Children are drawn to Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. They are drawn to God. When they explore outside they find an entire new world underneath a rock, they see the natural order in leaves falling from trees and new growth emerging from the soil. Noticing the different species of birds and listening to their calls. Wondering why God made so many different varieties of leaves! Children feel the goodness all around them of a God who loves them and who created order and detail for them.

10 Winter Outdoor Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers!

  1. Snow Castles! Use your sand castle supplies, or old bowls and buckets to build snow castles. Decorate with rocks, twigs, leaves, and even chicken feathers!
  2. Make Ice Cream! Mix fresh clean snow with creamer and maple syrup for a sweet treat!
  3. Explore the Garden! Look for interesting rocks, dried leaves, and twigs and collect them in a bucket. Later when you are warming up inside research what they are!
  4. Play Pretend! Pretend play is a favorite way to play no matter the weather.
  5. Test the Ground! Is the ground easier or harder to dig up in the winter? Why!?
  6. Playground Fun! The playground is open and just as fun for your little one even when it is cold. Add on extra layers, and bring some warm drinks or soup in a thermostat. As long as you come prepared the children will have a good time! Just watch out for ice!
  7. Freeze Natural Items! Exploring the garden was fun. Add some water and freeze your treasures to create a beautiful piece of art!
  8. Create a Bird Feeder! Add a string and roll a toilet paper roll in sun butter or any nut butter if non allergic. Roll in bird seed and hand outside. Watch the furry and feathery friends enjoy their meal!
  9. Go For a Hike or Neighborhood Walk! Like the playground, as long as you come prepared the children will have a good time! Just watch out for ice!
  10. A Winter Scavenger Hunt! Children love hide and seek and I spy games. Encourage them to find items like pine cones, ever green needles, icicles, and enjoy searching, problem solving, and spending time together this winter!

Outside Play, Simple and Free!

Enjoy the great outdoors, and enjoy your children! The benefits and creativity from playing outside cannot be matched. Each of these activities will open your child up to so many new ideas and adventures, as they bond with you and learn about the world God made for us. If you have an infant, baby wearing them under your coat is a great way to keep them warm while you play with your older children outside!

How will you be spending your time outside this winter? Let us know in the comments below!

Thank you, and I hope this post brings joy!
Stella Maris, Ora Pro Nobis!

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Hello, I'm Jenny!

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