No Sew Boo Boo Bag Fish!

This No Sew Boo Boo Bag is perfect for the freezer or microwave and is so easy to make! Made with a sock, you can choose the design, and size to make a perfect fish for your little one to ease their aces and pains.

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What is a Boo Boo Bag?

A boo boo bag, or a comfort bag, are cotton bags filled with rice or corn, that can be heated or frozen. Then the boo boo bag is used to help someone who is hurt or sick. Warm rice boo boo bags are great for easing ear infections by placing them on the ear. Warm comfort can be placed in a bed under a blanket to pre heat it before you get it, snuggled with in a chilly home, or laid on sore muscles. Frozen boo boo bags are a great substitute for ice packs on minor bruises! They are great because they are a all natural and mold to the body as needed!

How Do I Make a No Sew Boo Boo Bag?

You can create a DIY Boo Boo Bag by sewing together a square or a rectangle, and stuffing it with uncooked, washed, and dried, rice or corn before sewing it closed. These comfort bags are so useful in our home!

For this no sew tutorial, you can create a fun boo boo bag with items you might even have around your home! Just remember, if you intend to use these in the microwave the fabrics must all be microwaveable! 100 percent Cotton works great for this!

No Sew Boo Boo Bag:

No Sew Fish Boo Boo Bag Comfort Bag
  • Cotton Sock, ankle length or longer
  • Cotton Embroidery Thread and Needle for eyes
  • Uncooked Rice or Corn

First rinse your un-cooked rice or corn and spread out to let dry completely. Have you ever thrown a sand bag and when it hits the ground sound dust comes out? Sometimes, that can happen with comfort bags! So, we wash and dry the rice to eliminate the dust!

No Sew Fish Boo Boo Bag Comfort Bag

Once prepared, take your sock and use your hand to stretch it out so you can the inside and outside surfaces of the sock. If you have a very small embroidery hoop that works too!

No Sew Fish Boo Boo Bag Comfort Bag

Then with your embroidery thread on the needle, create 2 separate french knots for eyes. This can be substituted if you would rather draw eyes on , or use iron on. Just make sure it is microwave safe!

No Sew Fish Boo Boo Bag Comfort Bag

Fill with dry uncooked rice or corn. Have your children help!

No Sew Fish Boo Boo Bag Comfort Bag

Take the end of the sock and tie it in a knot for the fishes tail!

No Sew Fish Boo Boo Bag Comfort Bag

That is it! Use as a sweet boo boo bag to bring comfort to little aches and pains.

Do you use boo boo bags in your home? Let us know in the comments below!

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