Backyard birding is so much fun! Our children love identifying the animals and plants around us. This backyard bird nature study pack focuses on the sparrow to help you engage your little one in the home, by calling to memory what they see in their own backyard!

Sparrow Nature Study Pack

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The Importance of Nature Study in a Classical Education

If you have been around the blog for a while you probably know we are strong supporters of a classical education. During the grammar and pre-grammar stages, children love to memorize! They enjoy recitation and are willing and capable of absorbing information. I am guilty of this all to often, but it can be such a disservice to our littles when we do not call certain things by their proper names!

This is true especially with mathematical terms like when describing shapes, and in nature, as in the classification of plants and animals!

Nature studies promote memorization and appreciation. They encourage children to see the order of the natural world and the beauty of God’s designs. As we learn about the Sparrow, the Robin, the Mockingbird, we learn about God and His love for us!

Spending time in nature also increases children’s vitamin D, benefits their emotional and physical growth, encourages them to explore and think critically, improves their imagination, and reduces stress. Are you ready to play outside yet?!

Nature Study Pack for Children – Sparrow

This Nature Study Pack is meant to reinforce what your child learns about their natural world. Focused on the sparrow, and loaded with facts, this pack is perfect to build on a small element of their “big” backyard.

1 Fine Art Print

Sparrow Fine Art Print

First in the pack is this Montessori inspired Fine Art Print. At 8.5 x 11 inches this print is perfect for your printer and can be hung at your child’s level in their play or school room or by a window! This is an original colored pencil drawing of a Sparrow.

Hanging fine art of realistic images low helps your child to develop an appreciation for art, as well as an attention to detail. They will quickly learn terms as you introduce new pieces. We like to leave ours up for at least a week before changing them out. Frame it or put some tape on the back and allow your child to view the piece and identify the image in an informal way.

3 Flash Cards

Sparrow Flash Cards Front

The pack comes with 3 flash cards perfectly sized for 5 x 7 inches. Print them double sided, cut them out and laminate them for durable cards that your children can handle.

The first card shows the Sparrow with the written word. Next we have the Sparrow and finally we have a memory verse for Pslams 101:8 where the sparrow is described as a bird who can be seen alone.

Sparrow Flash Cards Back

On the back of the first sparrow card, there are scientific facts about the animal. The second card shows the letter sound, and the third card has the bible verse.

Sparrow Nature Study

We love the memory verse, letter identification, and facts! It is so fun to hear the children repeat one or more of the facts back to you later when you are in the yard playing and they see a sparrow! Children are so amazing!

Coloring Pages and Handwriting Practice!

For those rained out days, or when you just happen to be stuck inside, on a long car ride, or waiting for lunch to be served, we have some fun coloring sheets of varying detial!

Sparrow Detail Coloring Sheet
The first coloring sheet contains all of the detail of the original drawing. Children can add in the colors and draw a background. Our daughter is getting ready to add in a blue sky!
Sparrow Detail Coloring Sheet

We try to encourage the use of realistic colors at this stage, and especially when doing a more formal nature study. It is fun to throw some bread on the lawn and sit by the window while all the sparrows come and color this sheet. Have your child look out the window (or sit outside) while they choose colors. If coloring from live birds is not an option they can use the fine art print as a reference!

Coloring Sheet Line
Children can also color the line drawing of the sparrow included with the pack. This leaves the details up to them! How fun!
Handwriting Sparrow Sheet

Finally we have the handwriting sheets! It is usually helpful to for us to have handwriting practice related to what we are discussing! Then we can chat as they practice writing which helps with motivating.

Sparrow Handwriting 2

Their are 2 handwriting sheets, one of the word sparrow, and the other the is Bible Memory Verse for the pack, Pslams 101:8. The children can color and decorate the sheets or they can be laminated and used with dry erase markers for use over and over again.

Get This Sparrow Nature Study Pack

Sparrow Nature Study Pack

You can get the whole pack for instant download over at the market place!

Some of our favorite memories together are sitting in the yard and watching the clouds, listening to the birds, and looking under rocks. There is so much to discover! Do your children love to study nature and spend time exploring creation? Let us know in the comments below!

Stella Maris, Ora Pro Nobis!

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