How to Sew an Easy Draw String Bag

This simple sewing tutorial makes a great gift, or a fun bag for your children to carry their items to all their summer fun! Change up the fabric to match the person it is for! I have already gifted two of them and my littles have so much fun choosing the fabric that they think the person will love! Read on for how to sew an easy draw string bag!

I first saw a DIY draw string bag when a young women who my oldest daughter adores was using one. We knew she had made it because it matched her style perfectly! We had to go home and try to make our own!

The next time we saw her we had a bag that we thought looked awesome, but the draw strings didn’t work right! We compared it to hers and saw we made a huge mistake. We only put one string through each of the sides of the bag. In order for the drawstring to pull properly, you will need to use both sides of the string in both sides of the bag. We fixed it quick that night and had a great easy draw string bag for the summer!

The best part, my daughter loved it because we made it together. It is amazing how the children really do appreciate hand made items, and the process of creating!

Materials for a Draw String Bag

We are jumping right into today’s sewing tutorial. Sometimes I like to just jump right into trying out a project and that often means mistakes! With these materials are some tips on what we learned. You will need:

  • Scissors
  • Fabric (We traced a bag we had to get the measurements we liked best of 14×16). Our fabric was cut to 15” x 18” before sewing.
  • 3-4 yards of rope, piping, or your choice of string. We used crd piping. Be sure to adjust the cut length to accommodate for the piping size.
  • Sewing Machine or needle and thread!

Additionally you can:

  • Embroider the bag
  • Sew on decals, lace, or other personalization’s
  • Use fabric paints on the bag
  • dye the fabric

The customization can go on and on!

Start Sewing!

First lay out your fabric and cut to size. You can trace a bag that you already like the size of and add about a 1/2 inch to each. Also add about 1 1/2 inch to the length or more to accommodate for your draw strings.

If you want to embroider the fabric do it now!

After you cut the bag and decorate as you would like, cut the strings! 2-3 yards per string worked for us.

Next take the strings and tie a not at the bottom so they each become a circle. With right sides of the fabric together place the strings in the bag and the knot poking out about 2 inches from the bottom.

Sew up the sides of the bag going over the string several times and surge or zig zag stitch the raw edge. Place both strings in at the top and fold the fabric over twice to create a casing for the strings. Repeat on the other side of the bag. Fold the was raw edges of the casing in before sewing. Make sure not to sew over the strings! They need to move freely.

Turn it inside out and cut off any strings from sewing. I hope you have a blast making these quick and simple hand sewn draw string bags.

I hope you enjoyed this how to sew an easy draw string bag tutorial! Will you add anything extra to personalize your bags? Let us know in the comments below!

Stella Maris, Ora Pro Nobis!

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Hello, I'm Jenny!

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