June is the month of the Sacred Heart! How special! Learn how to Draw a simple line drawing of the Sacred Heart of Jesus to honor the Heart Who Loves men so much.

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Why Honor the Sacred Heart?

Jesus LOVES YOU! We have heard it before in song and rhyme but it is true. Jesus Christ the Son of God, the Innocent Lamb who was slain, loves you. He loved you even before you existed. He loved you knowing every sin you would commit. Loving you, Jesus suffered on the cross so that the bridge between earth and Heaven may be restored. Loving you, Jesus gives you the chance at eternal life.

Memento Mori! Remember your death! It is only through Christ that we find hope for our eternal souls. Jesus said to St. Margaret Mary that the ingratitude and indifference that He finds among most people, even those whom He has honored, brings Him more sorrow then the sufferings of His Passion. God is Love. God is Perfect Love. Let us honor the Heart of the Our Lord, let us try and return love for love.

What is the Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus?

The devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus can be traced as far back as 1153 A.D.! This longstanding devotion was made especially popular by St. Margaret Mary Alacoque. St. Margaret Mary received apparitions of Jesus. On December 27th 1673, she received the first vision in France. Over a year later she received the final vision which revealed the devotion. The requests put forth to show devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus was

  • To receive the Eucharist on the first Friday of each month,
  • Attend a Holy hour of Adoration on Thursdays
  • Celebrate the Feast of the Sacred Heart (Friday before the 3rd Sunday after Pentecost on the traditional calendar)

Jesus gives 12 promises to those who devote themselves to His Sacred Heart, and we can trust in the promises of the Lord! It is a gift to have this devotion! Read more about the symbolism, history, and details of this devotion here.

How to Draw the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Grab your pencil and some paper!

Draw a heart, add a cross at the top, and begin to surround it with the fire! This fire shows us the intensity and purifying nature of the Love of God.

Finish the fire and start the crown of thorns.

Add the wound in the side of the heart and the blood droplets and your are done!

You did it! You drew the Sacred Heart of Jesus! What will you use these drawings for? “Oh Heart of Love, I have put my trust in you. I fear all things from my own weakness but I hope for all things from Your Goodness. Amen” – St. Margaret Mary Alacoque

I love this prayer! I come back to it all the time!

Sacred Heart of Jesus

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We like to draw and color them, cut them out, and use them on cards and home decorations. Let us know in the comments below!

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