Meditate on the betrayal of Christ by one of His 12 Apostle’s while learning how to draw Lent symbols like Judas’ money bag!

Drawing of Judas Silver Bag

The Betrayal of Christ

A terribly sad moment in Scripture is the Betrayal of Our Lord. Betrayed not by a stranger, not by an enemy, but by one of His 12. Someone who lived with Him for 3 years, saw Him preform miracles, knew How much He loved His people…

“And Judas Iscariot, one of the twelve, went to the chief priests, to betray him to them.” – Mark 14:12 DRB

As a matter of fact, Wednesday of Holy Week is called Spy Wednesday! The Tenebrae Service consists of lit candles slowly being extinguished. Psalms 50-51 and prayer are then recited, followed by a loud noise and the ministers exiting. You can read more about the Spy Wednesday here.

How to Draw a Bag of Silver


  • pencil or marker
  • paper

Let’s Draw!

Quick and easy, we have another symbol for this Lent! Draw this with our other how to draw Lent symbols and have your child sequence the events, or retell the story!

First, start with a line for the floor. Add a “c” shape, and the bag!

Then, connect the bag back to the “c” shape opening, with some small indents along the way to show the bag is full.

Finally, place some lines to give the bag extra weight and dimension and add in some round silver coins. The coins should be piled up in the bag and create a ramp as they pour out onto the floor. Another Lenten symbol to help tell the story of the God who loves you completed!

How many times have I betrayed Jesus? And worse, betrayed him for a passing moment, or pleasure. Lord, help us never to betray you!

Pin for Judas Money bag

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Stella Maris, Ora Pro Nobis!

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