This loaf of bread is so simple to draw and packed with symbolism! Learn how to draw a simple fish this Lent in this easy tutorial!

Blue drawn bread loaf with text

Why is a Loaf of Bread a Symbol of For Lent?

The Real Presence! Okay wait, let us go back. Bread is a staple food. It gives life to the physical body. Not that modified processed stuff we call bread today of course, but real bread! Jesus calls Himself The Bread of Life in John 6. He gives life to the body and the soul!

The Lord breaks bread with His disciples at The Last Supper. At this moment, Jesus institutes the Eucharist as High Priest, and ordains all of His apostles to do this in memory of Him. To feed His sheep (we are His sheep!). Our Lord is the giver and sustainer of Life. He was born in Bethlehem, which means house of bread. He was laid in a manger, in which the animals eat from, and He gives us Himself body, blood, soul, and divinity, in the veiled form of bread on the altar.

During Lent we fast! Often times we fast from food that is pleasurable. Food that tastes good. We unite ourselves to the Israelites in the dessert who lived on manna from Heaven (Bread from Heaven?! Sounds like the Eucharist again!) We unite ourselves to our Blessed Lord who spent 40 days fasting in the desert and was hungry when the evil one tempted him to turn rocks into bread. When we fast we eat just what we need to eat to survive. Some fasts are bread and water alone fasts. You can learn the full church teaching on fasting here.

So we have bread as a symbol for Lent. It unites us with our past, nourishes our bodies while we fast from meat and other foods, and best of all the Bread of Life, Jesus, is present to us in the Eucharist. YAY!

How to Draw a Loaf of Bread


  • pencil or marker
  • paper

Let’s Draw!

This tutorial is so simple, you will be drawing loaves of bread all over! Use them as coloring sheets, draw a Last Supper scene, or put them on homemade greeting cards.

Start with a slight large upward curved line, a smile at the bottom of the page.

Then add a vertical line, slightly curved, pointing inward.

Blue drawn bread loaf 2

Do the same thing on the other side!

Blue drawn bread loaf with two sides drawn on

Add the top with a shallow smile connecting the two lines.

Drawn bread loaf outline

The bread loaf outline is complete! Add in a curved triangle shape. This is where the crust of the loaf would be splitting open when baking.

Drawn bread loaf outline

Add in 4 more curved lines on each side, curved upwards and you are done!

Drawn bread loaf
Great work! Drawing step by step can help us learn to draw, to build focus and patience, and we get to learn more about a symbol of Lent in the process! I loved how to draw book as a child, and I hope you and your children love these little tutorials too! Make sure to check out all of our How to Draw posts, like this Lent and Easter Cross Scene!
Drawn bread loaf with pencil and text

Where will you draw your Lenten Bread? Let us know in the comments below!

Thank you, and I hope this post brings joy!
Ave Maris Stella, Ora Pro Nobis!

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