Learn how to draw Lent symbols, while following along with this easy hot to draw a palm branch tutorial!

How to draw a palm pin with text, palm branches, and marker

Why is a Palm Branch a Symbol of Lent?

Before learning about my faith a palm branch symbolized a warm weather vacation, relaxation, and occasionally an image of a palm branch waving to celebrate a king might run through my mind. Now a palm branch immediately calls Lent and Our Lord to mind and here is why!

Palms were traditionally used as a sign of peace and victory. So, it was not strange for a people who were welcoming the one they believed would bring peace to their land to wave palms as he entered the city. This is what happened on Palm Sunday, which starts off Holy Week. The people thought Jesus would bring them freedom from the Romans. We know the plan for Salvation is much bigger!

We turn in our palms before Ash Wednesday because holding onto the palms throughout the year is a symbol that we will stay with the Lord. Many of those who waved their palms on Palm Sunday were nowhere to be found on Good Friday. They dropped their palms. Near the end of this Lent, when we get our palms on Palm Sunday, may we hold onto them, even during Good Friday.

How to Draw Lent Symbols: A Palm Branch


  • pencil or marker
  • paper

Let’s Start!

Start by drawing a vertical line that curves slightly.

main branch of palm drawn on paper

Start drawing in the leaves! Begin at the base with the largest leaves. Place your pencil on the stem and bring the slightly curved lines outward and upward.

Continue up the step making smaller lines each time.

I like to alternate between sides as I go up the stem. Keep going until you reach the top with your smallest leaf!

Yay! This palm branch takes a lot of strokes but they are all the same general motion! When you reach the top add one leaf to the tip of the stem.

palm branch drawing

All done! Yay! Remember you can use this tutorial to decorate your home with these paint markers for toddlers, or handmade cards for family and friends. Following tutorials is great to help you learn to draw, to build focus and patience, and to learn more about a symbol of Lent! Time to draw some more!

Where will you draw your Lenten Palm Branch? Let us know in the comments below!

Thank you, and I hope this post brings joy!
Ave Maris Stella, Ora Pro Nobis!

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