Learn how to draw a simple fish this Lent in this easy tutorial!

Why is a Fish a Symbol of Lent?

A fish is a symbol for Lent often used to represent fasting. On Friday’s throughout the year until about 1966 it was customary for all Catholics to abstain from eating meat. During the medieval period meat was not eaten for the entire season of Lent. Today many associate a Friday fast with Lent. Since there are meatless days during Lent, the fish is a symbol of this sacrifice. You can learn more about the rules for fasting here!

The fish is also a symbol for Christ. The Greek word for fish, ichthus, is seen at the beginning of each word in the phrase “Jesus (i) Christ(ch), God’s(th) Son(u), Savior(s)”. How cool!

Jesus also called His disciples to action, as fishers of men (Matthew 4:19). We are to fish to lead souls to Beauty, Truth, and Goodness, as well as “be fish” caught in God’s net!

Finally we call to mind the feeding of 5,000 in Matthew 14! This Lent remember that God takes our sacrifices, however small, if they are offered in love, and multiplies them! When given to Christ our small actions, self denials, trials, and sufferings, become enough to feed the multitudes when all hope seemed lost.

Fish drawing with marker

How to Draw a Simple Fish


  • pencil or marker
  • paper

Let’s Start!

Start by drawing a hill that swoops down. You can also think of it as a frown that turns into a half smile!

Curvy line on white paper

Next make the same line but upside down. A smile going into a half frown! Start at the beginning of the fish where the nose will be and keep goin until your two tail ends are the same length.

blue lines on paper to draw fish

Next connect the two tail with an inward curve.

Outline of fish drawing

Add the fishes smile under the nose!

Fish body outline with smile  blue lines

Place a large circle for the outside of the fishes eye.

Fish drawing with eye started

Then add a smaller circle inside the larger circle. Yay! Our fish is almost done.

Fish drawing with smile and eye

Add 3 curved lines at the widest part of the fishes body for gills.

Then add some scales and we are done! A cute and simple fish line drawing.

Fish drawing in blue outline

Awesome job! You can use this tutorial to decorate your home with these paint markers for toddlers, or handmade cards for family and friends, to help you learn to draw, to build focus and patience, and to learn more about a symbol of Lent!

Close up of fish drawing

Where will you draw your Lenten Fish? Let us know in the comments below!

Thank you, and I hope this post brings joy!
Ave Maris Stella, Ora Pro Nobis!

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