High contrast Catholic themed images for you and baby to enjoy!

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There is so much joy in becoming a mother, and learning about this new life you are gifted! I remember reading when babies are born they can only see a few inches away, everything else is blurry until their vision matures. Like all of creation, God’s designs are so beautiful and intricately planned. It turns out the distance a baby can see allows the infant to see their mothers face clearly when nursing! How special that the Lord would plan for the child to learn the face of their mother before all else, and in such an intimate way.  

While a babies vision is still immature, they tend to gravitate toward high contrast images. When our first daughter Rose was born, I noticed her tracking a mobile that hung above her crib at around 1 month old. The mobile had white lambs on it with black feet. She loved it and I did not know at the time, but the most captivating thing to her about those lambs were those little black feet. 2 years later baby Joy was born, and sure enough she has a favorite mobile just like her sister!

Catholic Infant Contrast Cards in Walker with Baby

Why use Infant Contrast Cards?

High contrast images are appealing to baby, so let us bring in the faith! Here you can download high contrast Catholic themed flash cards for you and baby to enjoy together! Download them and print them on regular paper, card stock, or have them printed. Laminate them, round the edges, or leave them as is. If you do not want to or cannot print them use your computer screen as a light box (you can learn how to trace anything here) and trace them onto paper. 

You can

  • Keep them as flash cards
  • Place/tape them where baby does tummy time
  • Hang them low on a wall like Montessori art work
  • Put a few underneath the clear tray of a walker or high chair
  • Build their vocabulary
  • For toddlers – you can print two sets and use as a game of memory or matching

As baby uses the cards, it is fun to look for patterns in their reactions! Do they have a favorite image? Smile at a certain card? Try to grab the same one? 

These cards are also a great way for siblings to teach and play with baby. In addition to these cards, creating a familiar faces book to share with baby as they learn all about the world with you, is another fun and simple way for the family to interact!

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These cards are for personal use only.

Have you noticed baby likes particular images or objects? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you, and I hope these Catholic Themed Infant Contrast Cards bless your family!

Stella Maris, Ora Pro Nobis

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