Catholic Father’s Day with 5 Father’s from the Bible

Father’s Day is approaching! How exciting! Like Mother’s Day we have another secular holiday we can celebrate as Christians! The joy of fatherhood and beauty of God’s design is celebrated! Here are 5 awesome Biblical Father’s to inspire you and some resources to help you with prayer in the day to day, and to help foster a Catholic Father’s Day by recalling what it means to be a Christian Dad!

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Biblical Father 1: Adam the First Father!

Firstly, we have Adam. Our first father, and who like the Apostles’ during Christ’s Passion, was ‘asleep’ in the garden. While Eve was being deceived, Adam as the head was not their to protect her. Worse, he went along with her mistake. He did not lead but was led into temptation! Agh!

In this regard, Adam failed Eve, and as children of Adam and Eve we suffer for their sins. How heavy it is to acknowledge and accept that our children will suffer for our mistakes, sins, and short comings!

Nevertheless, he was our first father, and he repented! Certainly Adam experienced all the joys and sorrows of fatherhood! In addition to providing and protecting, after being exiled from Eden, Adam had to lead. The safety of the Garden God provided was gone. Adam had to be the man he was called to be, or his family would suffer more. Catholic tradition tells us that after the Fall, Adam and Eve lived repentant and holy lives and became saints! Their feast day is…December 24th!

Our husbands can be inspired by Adam’s repentance and acceptance of his duties after the fall, and they can learn from the mistake of Adam in relinquishing his duty, and following Eve, going against God.

Eve is the first mother. She was the first to disobey, and the first to repent. We make mistakes all too often in our vocations. As we celebrate a Catholic Mother’s Day look to our first mother, who received the Mercy of the Lord with Adam before all else!

Biblical Father 2: Noah

Second on today’s list, Noah! Wow, was Noah a good father. As the last of the pre-flood patriarch’s Noah holds a special place in Salvation History! All of society must of thought he was crazy! Building a huge ark with no water in sight, gathering all the animals, and doing all because God told him too! Working tirelessly in the heat, what an example of faith and works. God said it and he acted. Noah was truly a righteous man.

How great is that countless children’s room decor, toys, and animal themed parties are based off of this amazing story. It is important to remember though, it is not just a story. Noah was a real man who worked with out ceasing to provide and protect his family and creation in accordance with God’s will. There was a real flood, an impending danger, that really wiped every other creature, off the face of the earth. It was not always an immediate threat, but one that was far off, until it got closer and closer to the time when the rain would start. God gave Noah time to prepare and to do what was right.

Our husbands can be inspired by Noah’s faith and works and be inspired that if they desire to do God’s Will, and answer His call, the Lord will be with them.

Biblical Father 4: Peter

Third on the list this Father’s Day, St. Peter. I’m putting Peter on the list but not because of any biological reason! Pope means father, and St. Peter was give this St. Peter is the first pope, and the pope is the father of the Church of Christ! As the first spiritual father to the Children of God, St. Peter had much to do and many to care for!

As the first pope, Peter was charged with the duty to feed Jesus’ sheep. To lead them in the right ways, to keep them on the path of righteousness, and to encourage them in the truth.

Our husbands can learn from St. Peter, in confirming one another in the Truth, and as St. Peter himself says, “Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time he may exalt you, casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you. Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.”

They can look to St. Peter, and all the Holy Popes, and how they leads the church and use this as an example in how to lead their families. In virtue and oriented towards Christ!

Biblical Father 4: St. Joseph

Next, We have St. Joseph, foster Father of Our Beloved Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Do we have a better example of a husband and father then in St. Joseph? The Most Chaste Spouse of the Blessed Virgin, who raised and provided for the Anointed Son of God?!

His life was lived in total surrender to Our Lord! He found out Mary his betrothed, was with Child, and trusted the Lord to stay. He safely led them to Bethlehem where Jesus was born. When the angel appears to him and tells him to flee to Egypt, he uproots his blessed family and flees! The list goes on. St. Joseph lives out the will of the Lord in sacrifice and love. He is a righteous man. When he was asked to do something for God, he obeyed, with out hesitation. Without clarification! He lived for God.

Biblical Father 5: God the Father

Fifth and finally, it couldn’t be a Catholic Father’s Day without God the Father! Our Heavenly Father above who is all just and all merciful. We only exist because He loved us and willed us into existence. Everything He does, everything that happens, is because He loves you and I. Even when we don’t understand it.

How amazing is it as Christians, that we can call God “Father”. The relationship is immediately personalized beyond compare. It is intimate, and beautiful. More so, we are not even His children by default, but as gentiles we are adopted into His family. We are chosen. He wants us to be with Him. The Creator of the universe wants us for himself as His children. He calls us into His Kingdom, and He gives us the ultimate family. That is a lot to take in!

God the Father loves us so much that over and over again He forgives. He pours Himself out sacrificing His Only Son, the Innocent Lamb, on the cross. God gifts us the Sacraments, providing the steps of grace on the ladder to help us reach Heaven. He humbles Himself, to lift us up to Him.

Father’s Reflect the Love of God

Here we see one reason why the children’s view of the father is so important in the home! It can be a powerful first perception of God the Father. Growing up, I was not in the fullness of the faith and raised by a single mother. I had no understanding of what a father figure should look like. Yet…I longed for one! I wanted my dad, and there were even times when I just wanted any dad!

For those of us who need to move our minds away from human failings in our perception of father’s we can look at how God is a Father. From the Baltimore Catechism and Scripture, we find our answers!

  1. God is the Creator of Heaven and Earth and all things. He gives life.
  2. God disciplines, corrects, provides, and forgives. He loves us perfectly.
  3. God teaches us the right way. He gives wisdom.
  4. He wants us to be happy with Him forever in Heaven.

Resources for A Catholic Father in Your Life!

  • Are you in the North East? Sudden Storm Tactical Training is a great gift for a Catholic Father! From basics, to intense training in firearms and home defense, this awesome Catholic Father is a retired NYPD Trainer who loves to lift up other men in their duty to protect. A bonus, him and his wife are also trained in martial arts!

Kevin is amazingly talented, a terrific teacher and a devoted husband and father. Check out their website to learn all about his services where he will train you and your husband in self defense, light as weapon, and how to best use your fire arms. On the side Kevin works with wood, like St. Joseph! Check out his hand made Rosary Hangers over in the market!

Sudden Storm
  • Pray a novena for (or with!) your husband to St. Joseph for the intention of his role as father.
  • Into The Breach on Formed is a series for Catholic Men, on what it means to be a Catholic Man! With everything masculine being labeled toxic, it is more important now more then ever to support our men and help them to hear their calling.
  • Sing the Doxology as a family and have the Father ad the head of the home, bless everyone. We try to do this in our night time routine!
  • Finally, Sensus Fidelium series on Fatherhood. Listen to a good priest, and live the Will of the Lord. The world will be a better place because of it.

Biblical Fatherhood Today

In conclusion by growing in virtue, looking to tradition, and keeping our eyes and hearts set on Christ, we can help our husbands to grow in their vocations. We can and should be their helpmates, in order to help our families get to Heaven!

Fatherhood is a gift, and The Lord gives us wonderful examples to lead us, with God the Father as the Ultimate One! These are 5 of the many amazing Father’s in the Bible. We didn’t even get to those who are saints!

Who are your favorite father’s from the Bible? Let us know in the comments below! Remember to check out Sudden Storm Tactical Training, to help your husband in his role as defender! Happy Father’s Day!

Stella Maris, Ora Pro Nobis

St. Joseph Terror of Demons, Ora Pro Nobis

Catholic Father's Day
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