About Us

Hello! I am Jenny, owner of the blog and market Eva to Ave INC! I am so happy you are here. Catholic wife and mother, I love all things relating to wife and motherhood, Traditional Catholicism, and classical education. I love to draw, sew, bake, cook, create, and I am so excited to share what I can with you.

What We Do

Eva to Ave is 1st a market place. We sell baby bonnets, veils, and digital downloads to help enhance your domestic church.

I offer subscribers free Catholic Children’s Coloring Pages over in our Resource Library, and we focus on all things at home. We embrace the traditional role as Keeper of the Home with joy, and so you will find, home birth, home schooling, and even a home butcher block!

Our Mission, Our Family, and Our Name!

Thank you for your time! On this site you will find DIY’s, recipes, crafts, blog posts all relating to Catholic wife and motherhood. In addition you will find a hand made at home in the USA market place. Above all Eva to Ave is intended to inspire other mothers in their vocations as wives and mothers, bring Joy, and lead souls to Christ. Thank you for your interest in learning about us!

Our Family and Our Mission.

Hello! My name is Jenny, and I am a Catholic wife and mother 2 beautiful girls. My husband is a butcher and I am a former Catholic School teacher. I love staying home with our children, crafting, art, sewing, cooking, and organizing. In a special way, I love the traditional Catholic Faith! With the help of my husband, I run this site and market place! Together we hope to live simply, naturally, and grow in virtue. Together with other Catholic moms, we create the products by hand at home and I post the here for sale! My hope is that Eva to Ave may become a community of mothers striving for holiness in their vocation as wives and to raise future saints.

Under the patronage of Mary Star of the Sea it is my hope that I grow in my own faith, and that many are inspired to grow closer to Jesus through Mary. You can learn more about Mary Star of the Sea here!

How Eva to Ave Became Our Name

The name Eva to Ave was inspired by the Latin hymn “Ave Maris Stella”, or in English “Star of the Sea”. Listen to it here! The second and third verse states,

Taking that sweet “Ave”
Which from Gabriel came
Peace confirm within us,
Changing Eva’s name.

Break the captives fetters,
Light on blindness pour,
All our ills expelling,
Every bliss implore.

– Ave Maris Stella

A Desire to be Like Mary!

To transform from Eva to Ave. Change vice to virtue. Turn a no to a yes. Putting faith over fear. Firstly, instead of going my own way and eating the forbidden fruit to be able to say with trust and grace to say “Let it be done unto me according to Thy Word”. Even still, to break the captives fetters, and embrace the Will of the Lord. For us to really know that Our omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, God loves us knows what is best for us! This is not easy, and we struggle, but this is our call, and what a beautiful call it is. To continue to make the pilgrimage in my own heart from being like Eva…to Ave Maria!

Our Roles are Essential, and We Need Support!

During your time spent with us I sincerely hope this website helps you to find peace and joy in your amazing, important, and even scorned vocations. Often it seems, the world would have us believe these are unimportant, or less then vocations. Certainly, I have believed the lie before. However, to serve and care for ones family, has been my most rewarding job. It has been a gift! Instead of the common narrative that your time is better spent outside the home, serving a boss, making a large salary, or serving yourself, we believe committed wives and mothers are essential to a healthy home and society. I am beyond excited to share my love for these vocations with others.

Jesus please help me to be the wife and mother I am called to be!

Thanks for visiting! I hope this website brings joy to your home.

In Christ,

Jenny from Eva to Ave

Ave Marie Stella, Ora Pro Nobis!

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