5 Ways to Observe Passiontide in your Domestic Church!

As we approach Passiontide, the last 2 weeks of Lent I wanted some simple ways to engage my children. Passiontide starts on the 5th Sunday of Lent. We have 5 simple ways to observe Passiontide in your Domestic Church, as we await the Triduum and the Resurrection!

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What is Passiontide?

Passiontide is a part of the Liturgical year consisting of the last 2 weeks of Lent. It begins the 5th Sunday of Lent, goes through Holy Week, and ends on the eve of Holy Saturday. After 1969 Passiontide was no longer considered a separate liturgical season. Thankfully, some churches still keep to tradition, which we greatly appreciate! There are many beautiful ways to observe Holy Week and the Triddum. These 5 ideas are best started at the beginning of Passion Tide, on Passion Sunday to help lead into Holy Week. You can learn more about Passiontide here!

5 Ways to Observe Passion Sunday and Passiontide in Your Domestic Church

1. Read the Gospel of Passion Sunday as a Family

First, grab your favorite children’s Bible or family Bible and read John 8:46-59. This is when Jesus hides because the Jewish people are casting stones at Him for declaring Himself God!

When working in a Catholic School, the Gospel was read every Friday to the students with this Bible. This is our families Bible, which we love!

2. Cover Your Home Statues!

On Passion Sunday the Church will cover all holy images in a purple cloth. They will remain this way until The Gloria during The Easter Vigil! What an amazing moment that is when the lights turn on, the veils are removed, the bells ring, and the Lord has risen! Indeed, He has risen. How I look forward to saying that!

This practice reminds us of how Christ hide himself during this time, and shows us how without Christ we do not have the consolation of the angels or the saints. Without Christ we cannot receive our Father’s Mercy or enter into The Kingdom which He has prepared for us. Without Christ we are cut off, we cannot see.

Passion Tide at Home

We will cover the statue on Our Home Altar and take our other statues and images down. Our Home Altar normally covered with candles, flowers, and images, will remain bare. On Easter morning they will all be back and unveiled to brighten up our home again!

3. Honor the Holy Face of Jesus

Holy Face Magnet. on Wood

Passiontide is a great time to start a devotion to His Holy Face! On Passion Sunday Veronica’s Veil is taken out briefly in Rome. This week, display an image of His Holy face and create a veil with Jesus’ Face on it! Learn the Golden Arrow Prayer with your children and recite it in front of the image. Stay tuned, as we have awesome Holy Face items coming to the market with all profits benefitting the ministry!

4. The Stations of the Cross

Children's book Stations of the Cross on wood background

If you haven’t been praying the Stations on Friday’s of Lent…start! If you have, try and visit an outdoor or indoor Stations of the Cross this week. Bring a children’s book with you. Know the level of your children. Some children can sing at each station while others may just be able to hear each stations name and look and discuss the image. This Way of the Cross with Mary is quite beautiful for older children.

We love this Stations of the Cross book . It has Latin, history, a Bible reading, and a reflection. It is wonderful, traditional, and can be easily adjusted by only praying certain sections of each page to accommodate the little ones. Or pray the whole book and take in all the mystery of Our Lord’s Most Sorrowful Passion.

5. Draw, Color, and Display Lenten Symbols’

Finally, if you haven’t been following along with our Lenten drawing, take a look! Passiontide is a great time to focus on a symbol per day with your child and reflect on it’s meaning. This is a great prep before Holy Week and the Triduum to provide background knowledge before a larger discussion. First we start with a Simple Fish for fasting. Next A Loaf of Bread for the Last Super and the Eucharist. We move on to Judas’ money bag, The Crown of Thorns, and an empty cross. All great conversation starters to prepare us for Easter.

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Passiontide Means We Are Close to the Resurrection!

During Passiontide we really focus in on Jesus’ Passion and our homes and conversations should reflect that!

How will you be observing Passiontide this Lent? Let us know in the comments below!

I hope this post brings you joy!

Stella Maris,

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Hello, I'm Jenny!

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