5 Ways to Observe Eastertide in your Domestic Church!

When this post is published, it will be Easter Monday! Alleluia, Christ is risen, Indeed He has risen! This year on Holy Saturday we received a text from a family we love! In the midst of suffering they wrote, how hard it is to not say the “A” word yet! This Eastertide, and throughout the year, we pray for the grace that our hearts will always cry out in joy, Alleluia! Here are 5 simple ways to observe Eastertide in your Domestic Church!

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What is Eastertide?

Eastertide can also be referred to as the Easter Season or Easter Time. This is a special time on the Liturgical calendar that lasts for 50 days! Our entire Catholic Faith is built on the joy of this time, the joy that Jesus was who He said He was! That Jesus conquered death, rose from the dead, and bridged the break man placed between creation and Creator.

Eastertide begins on Easter Sunday and ends on Pentecost Sunday. The first 8 days of Eastertide are solemnities, YAY! On the 40th Day of Eastertide we celebrate the Ascension of Our Lord into Heaven. You can read more about Eastertide here!

5 Ways to Celebrate Eastertide in Your Domestic Church!

1. If Able, Go to Daily Mass and Pray the Rosary During the Octave of Easter!

If possible, go to daily Mass for the Easter Octave. To attend Mass is a gift! These days are so special. Can you imagine Mary and John who suffered with Jesus throughout His Passion, are now rejoicing ten fold at the Truth of the Risen Lord.

Let us rejoice with them and when able let us rejoice in the House of the Lord! You can read more about celebrating Octave of Easter here!

Easter Monday is very special to our family, after a long dark Lent 2 years ago. It was on Easter Monday when we were gifted the opportunity to attend Mass and receive the Eucharist! Praise God!

Rosary Guide

Pray the Glorious Mysteries to grow closer to Mary and Jesus and set your mind on the Resurrection and Ascension!

2. Easter Eggs!

Tradition tells us of the early Church who fasted from all animal products during Lent. Eastertide would be celebrated with a great feast, and probably lots of eggs!

The story of the Red Egg is a beautiful one and you can color eggs all Easter long! To summarize, Mary Magdalene experienced a miracle when her egg turned red after the Emperor mocked her for believing in the Resurrection.

Multi Colored Eggs in a basket on blue and peach eyelet apron

After reading the story with your family, dye eggs, paint them, or create pisanka! Have multiple egg hunts, paint wooden eggs, and even learn about where eggs come from.

If you want to store your egg shells, make a tiny whole on the top and bottom and blow the egg out!

Our local library incubates chicks all Lent, and they hatch during Eastertide. Help your children to see up close how what was immobile, and seemed lifeless, breaks through the egg to an adorable baby chick! Filled with life and beauty!

3. Plant your Garden!

Reinforcing the message of new life, have your children become involved in planting this spring. Plant some Easter Lillies, which will come back each year! Learn about flowers, and observe how all of creation “springs to life” after the Resurrection.

Handprint Easter Lily Paper Craft

If real Easter Lillies aren’t available, make some paper handprint Lillies, perfect for Mother’s Day gifts for grandparents, and to adorn your Home Altar!

4. White and Gold!

White and gold are the colors for the entire season! Draw the Easter Cross and use gold glitter glue, put white and gold linens on your Home Altar, dress in white or pastel colors for Mass! Point out the color change in church to your children!

5. Bake Sweet Treats!

Finally bake sweet treats! Eastertide is a time to celebrate! Children love eating sweets but like the Little Red Hen, they need to be involved in the work! They soon see like with planting, there is joy in the work!

Chocolate Sunbutter Marshmallow cup in Easter Egg

During Eastertide we love to bake spring themed cookies and decorate them. We also love chocolate treats like these Sun Butter Bites and pancakes and egg muffins! Eastertide is a time for feasting together! Cinnamon Buns and Chocolate Crinkle Cookies are our favorite! Bring sweet treats to friends, family, or surprise someone!

Eastertide Means Christ is Risen!

During Eastertide we focus in on Jesus’ Glorious Resurrection and our homes and conversations reflect that joy!

Baby Spring Grass Easter

How will you be observing Eastertide this Lent? Let us know in the comments below!

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I hope this post brings you joy!

Stella Maris, Ora Pro Nobis

Hello, I'm Jenny!

Hello, I'm Jenny!

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